ARM wants to wrestle with Intel

2011-Jul-30 | Tags: intelserver

Windows on ARMFORTUNE -- Crack open your smartphone, and chances are there's ARM - not Intel - inside. The British chip designer commands the mobile market. Last quarter alone, 1.1 billion of its power-efficient microprocessors were shipped in phones and tablets. But Cambridge-based ARM Holdings (ARMH) has bigger ambitions. In recent months, it has been talking up plans to get its chip designs into PCs and servers as well.

Intel: Atom ain't dead

2011-Jul-29 | Tags: SoCintel

Windows on ARMTechEye had the opportunity to head to Hill & Knowlton's offices in Soho Square to meet with Bill Leszinske, General Manager, and Intel's man leading up Atom. Knowing there are a heap of boozers nearby, of course we went along. The word from Intel is there are absolutely plans for Atom. Chipzilla will not put a bullet in its head.

Thinking about RISC with Windows 8

2011-Jul-28 | Tags: amdintelx86

Windows on ARMAs Microsoft expands the CPU platform support from x86/x64 families into ARM territory with the addition of ARM CPU chips, there are many questions that will be raised for enterprise systems planners and designers. Some of the arguments will go back two decades in terms of the theoretical design differences between CPUs, but in more practical views, the actual impact of two CPU device families supported by Windows needs to be thought through. In the short term, nothing needs to be done; in the long term, deeper questions arise.

ARM Could Breath New Life Into Laptops

2011-Jul-28 | Tags: businesslaptopx86

Windows on ARMMost laptops today use x86 processors from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices. But chips with ARM processors are smaller and more power-efficient than X86 microprocessors, which should help laptop makers build tablet-like laptops with touchscreens, analysts said. At the same time, however, ARM will face challenges trying to crack into a market where users prize performance.

Windows on ARMIntel claims that missing the boat that sailed loaded with all-conquering mobile phones and tablets on board won't leave it scratching about with nothing to flog, as the connected world gives up on the desktop and goes handheld instead.

Windows on ARMCHIPMAKER Intel expects software developers to have their work cut out for them when Windows 8 hits the ARM architecture. - Microsoft's decision to produce a version of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system for the ARM architecture has led some to predict the demise of Intel in the smartphone and tablet space.

Windows on ARMThe obvious way forward, then, is to use one operating system across the board. And that has to be Windows NT; it's the more capable of Microsoft's two operating systems, and it has that all-important compatibility with existing desktop applications. The Xbox already uses a Windows NT derivative; bringing it in line with Windows 8 is a natural evolution of the platform.

Intel braces for rival ARM, Windows 8

2011-Jul-21 | Tags: appleinteltablet

Windows on ARMOn the back of good but not great earnings Wednesday, Intel CEO Paul Otellini was queried about how Windows 8--the first mainstream operating system from Microsoft to support ARM chips--will change the competitive landscape.

Windows on ARMEven though there is still more than a year left until the first SoC designs based on ARM's Cortex A15 core make their way into mobile devices, recent reports suggest these chips are expected to deliver quite an important performance increase over the current Cortex A9 processors.

Windows on ARMWindows 8 is expected to catalyze a shift on the microprocessor (MPU) market, negatively impacting the adoption of traditional x86 CPUs, but nourishing strong growth for ARM processors. IHS iSuppli forecasts that Intel’s x86 architecture, which includes both 32-bit and 64-bit central procession units, will take a hit, uptake-wise, following the launch of Windows 7’s successor, with the market share of ARM chips exploding in the next four years.

Windows on ARMExpected to arrive no earlier than 2013, Nvidia's Project Denver processors based on the ARM architecture will allegedly feature eight computing cores that will be paired together with 256 CUDA cores based on the Fermi architecture.

Fast Forward: AMD and ARM - Get a Room!

2011-Jul-19 | Tags: amdbusiness

Windows on ARM

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." That reasoning has led to many strange alliances among nations, but it also makes for some interesting business partnerships. For example, at AMD's recent Fusion developers' conference, AMD and ARM were practically flaunting their PDAs - public displays of affection, not personal digital assistants.

Windows on ARM

The desktop computer as we know it could be in danger! Our hobby is doomed! - Let's face it. We're all going to be reading these words a trillion times during the next 12 months. So we decided to head this one off at the pass. Is the onset of ARM a real threat to desktop computing, or is it more of an evolutionary force?

Windows on ARM

After more than 30 years of domination by a single microarchitecture - Intel Corp.'s X86 - the PC microprocessor (MPU) market finally is set for some real competition, with shipments of ARM processors set to soar in the coming years and projected to appear in nearly one out of every four notebook PCs made in 2015.

Windows on ARM

Are ARM processors the future of personal computing? Will they make the leap from powering only mobile and embedded devices, to the mainstream personal computer market? With Windows 8 support for ARM on the horizon, guest writer Erphan Al-Delgir sees some big changes on the way.

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