• Windows on ARMDuring Computex 2012, Intel stated that there were over twenty Intel CPU powered Windows 8 RT tablets in the works. This comes as good news, because apparently at Computex, very few ARM-based devices were shown. Most of the tablets shown were running x86 processors.

  • Windows on ARMWindows 8 RT on Snapdragon S4 Tablet - - We are taking a look at the new Snapdragon S4 reference design tablet running Windows 8 RT

  • Windows on ARMToshiba USA on Tuesday announced a small selection of next-generation Windows machines, including a new ultrabook in the Satellite family, a convertible Windows 8 notebook designed in conjunction with Intel, and pair of mobile devices running Windows RT.

  • Windows on ARMLate yesterday, Intel took to the stage at Computex in Taiwan and announced its next steps towards mobile domination. To help with the development of touch-enabled tablets and ultrabooks, Intel is investing in factories that specialize in 13-inch-and-larger touchscreens. At one point, Tom Kilroy, Intel’s vice president of sales and marketing, pulled back a curtain to reveal 50 new ultrabooks

  • Windows on ARMNvidia have uploaded a video of "the very first Windows RT tablet the world has ever seen." The Tablet demonstrated is the ASUS Windows RT Tablet 600, powered by an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core mobile (ARM) processor.

  • Windows on ARMIDG News Service - Asustek Computer (Asus) on Monday showed off a tablet with an ARM processor and the Windows RT OS, becoming among the first of its type shown by PC makers. The product, called Asus Tablet 600, has an 10-inch display and a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU. The tablet was shown running Windows RT Tablet Preview edition during the Asus news conference at the Computex trade show in Taipei.

  • Windows on ARMThe launch of ARM-based tablets and computers later this year running Windows RT is expected by one analyst to confuse consumers, potentially pushing even more of them to Apple's tightly integrated ecosystem.

  • Windows on ARMMicrosoft is hoping the touch-screen-friendly Windows 8 is its ticket into the growing tablet PC market. But its pricing of the new OS may be doing the company no favors when it comes to competing against the established powers in the space.

  • Windows on ARMThis week's Windows Weekly broadcast spends about 20 minutes (from 2:00 to just past 20:00) on the topic of Microsoft banning competing browsers from Windows on ARM.

  • Windows on ARMOnly a handful of Windows RT devices will appear initially, as Microsoft wades slowly into new Windows waters, sources told CNET. Chipmakers Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments will initially get two "slots" each for devices, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

  • Windows on ARMLast week, Nokia's outgoing chairman spilled the beans on the company's plans for a range of tablets and 'hybrid' devices. Although Nokia later attempted to distance itself from his comments, let's face it: the arrival of a Nokia tablet is a certainty - a question of when, not if.

  • Windows on ARMIntel CEO Paul Otellini on Thursday said that the company has an advantage over its rival ARM on Windows 8 for tablets because of decades of developing x86 chips that support the Windows operating system.

  • Windows on ARMComputerworld - Tablets were clearly top of mind for the designers of Tablets were clearly top of mind for the designers of Windows 8. The Metro interface sacrifices usability on the PC, which suggests that Microsoft is focused on overtaking the iPad. This design choice was met with conjectures that Microsoft believed enterprises would favor Windows 8 tablets because they'd work in sync with Windows 8 on desktops and could be deployed and managed companywide with the same set of tools.

  • Windows on ARMWindows RT, also known as Windows 8 ARM, is expected to to grow slowly in the tablet market place over the next five years, according to a new report from NPD DisplaySearch.

  • Windows on ARMQualcomm hopes its success and experience in the mobile phone market will translate into worth competition for Intel's massive ultrabook push. The San Diego chip giant is preparing a line of ARM-based processors for super-thin notebooks and/or tablets running Windows 8.

  • Windows on ARMFollowing Microsoft and Barnes and Noble's joint announcement earlier today that Microsoft would be investing $300 million for a 17.6% stake in a Barnes and Noble spinoff company based around Barnes and Noble's Nook line, speculation is now mounting that future Nook products may be powered by Windows. 

  • Windows on ARMThe Wintel marriage fell apart. The Intel/AMD x86 family of chips is no longer the only hardware architecture supported by Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8. The next-generation OS will also run on low-powered ARM tablets (as well as upcoming desktops and laptops based on ARM).

  • Windows on ARMOther than the death of the Start button and the Metro UI, the single biggest change in Windows 8 is that it’s now a fully paid up member of the touch-first ARM ecosystem. After 20 years of being x86-only, this tectonic shift was triggered by two key factors: ARM is cheaper than x86, and it’s also more power efficient.

  • Windows on ARMSummary: I'd thought Windows 8 tablets one shot at the business market because IT administrators could deploy and manage them with Active Directory. Guess what? They're not supporting Active Directory on them.

  • Windows on ARMIt is a well-known fact that Microsoft has struggled to make a mark in the tablet market. Unfortunately for Microsoft, consumer interest in Windows-based tablets has gradually declined as a result of a string of failed attempts by Microsoft to enter this market. This may all be about to change though; initial impressions of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system on tablets in action are quite positive.

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