Microsoft's Windows RT isn't dead...yet

2015-Jan-22 | Tags: analysis

Windows on ARMThe software giant says it's working on an update for the versions of its Surface tablet that used an ARM-based chip. But it will only have some of the functionality of Windows 10. Looks like Microsoft's long-suffering Windows RT software isn't dead quite yet.

Windows RT, which hit the market in late 2012 alongside the heavily redesigned Windows 8, was the version of Microsoft's operating system that ran on the ARM chips typically used in cell phones. The software struggled immediately and failed to gain traction with users, in part because traditional Windows programs, like Outlook, wouldn't run on the operating system. Microsoft also tightly controlled the development process for Windows RT devices, limiting the number of companies the chipmakers could work with, in order to make better products. But that meant few products, outside Microsoft's Surface, ever hit the market with the software.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT