Microsoft Might Have Just Found the New Vista

2014-May-25 | Tags: analysiscriticismversus

Windows on ARMWindows 8 has often been referred to as the new Vista, but it appears that another platform that got to see daylight in the last couple of years could become the successor of what has been called the biggest fail in Microsoft's history.

Windows RT, the Windows 8 version that was specifically created for ARM-based tablets, including Microsoft's very own Surface models, could get the axe in the coming months, not necessarily due to slow sales, but because Microsoft has finally understood that users are more interested in the full version of Windows 8.

Back in October 2012, Microsoft presented the Surface RT, its first tablet that came with Windows RT, explaining that it had everything that you couldn’t find on an iPad, including powerful multi-tasking features (which, by the way, are rumored to debut on Apple tablets in iOS 8).

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT