Does free Windows 8 spell the end of Windows RT?

2014-Apr-04 | Tags: analysisfree

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's announcement that Windows will be free for tablets with screen sizes smaller than nine inches took a lot of people by surprise. The company will even offer a year's worth of Office365 free with every license. The move raises the question about the relevance of Windows RT. Sure, Microsoft mentions tablets, not Ultrabooks, but one may argue that hybrids are also tablets (since their displays are touch enabled).

And since manufacturers have all but abandoned on Windows RT (swapping it for Google's Chrome OS), I fear the worse for what was once a promising operating system.

I like Windows RT for that it was supposed to be: an attempt to move away from Intel and embrace ARM and its many benefits (low power consumption, low cost, versatility etc).

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT