R.I.P. RT? Twitter toys with killing retweets in favour of 'Shares'

2014-Mar-30 | Tags: analysiskill

Windows on ARMRetweeting is an integral part of the Twitter experience, and the ability to instantly repeat something that another user has said to all of your followers is a feature that tweeters across the globe take advantage of every day. But just days after Twitter announced a range of multimedia-focused changes - including the ability to upload multiple images in a single tweet, and to tag other users in an image - it looks like the company may be toying with further changes, this time related to retweets.

Before you panic, take a deep breath and be reassured by the news that the ability to retweet doesn't seem to be in any danger of going away. But it looks like Twitter may be considering a name change for this feature, as Engadget reports that a small number of users have been seeing things differently in recent days. Rather than being shown a retweet button in Twitter's iOS and Android apps, some users are instead being given the option to 'share' tweets with their followers.

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