Why Microsoft Thinks Businesses Should Adopt the Surface 2 and Windows RT 8.1

2014-Mar-28 | Tags: analysisenterprisesurface-2

Windows on ARMBusinesses have been shy about making the switch to Windows 8.1, and that goes double for bringing the less capable Windows 8.1 RT into the mix. Even so, Microsoft isn't shy about reaching out to businesses and their IT departments to let them know why Windows RT 8.1 and the Surface 2 combine to make the perfect office companion, and the company has posted a blog outlining the reasons why it feels that businesses should be excited about it.

It's true that the RT-powered Surface 2 tablet has a number of valuable features for professionals including, but not limited to, its USB 3.0 port and the optional keyboard with track pad. Along with its portability and connectivity options, Microsoft is standing behind the Surface 2 as a portable business devices. The company goes as far to state that the device is "business-ready", citing the ability for users to get any business-related task done.

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