Ex-Mozilla engineer blames Microsoft's rules for Metro Firefox's death

2014-Mar-23 | Tags: appscompatibilitymetrorumor

Windows on ARMComputerworld - A former Mozilla engineer who worked on the "Metro" version of Firefox argued yesterday that poor adoption of Windows 8's radical user interface (UI) was not the real cause of the decision to shelve the browser.

"Is Windows 8.1 'Modern' UI in trouble? No," said Brian Bondy, who led the Metro-ized Firefox development, in a post on his personal blog.

Bondy's "Modern" is another label for what Microsoft originally called "Metro," the colorful, tile-based, flat-style UI that's one of two in Windows 8 and its follow-on, Windows 8.1. The other is a more traditional desktop UI, relatively familiar to the hundreds of millions who rely on Windows 7, Vista or XP.

A week ago, Mozilla abruptly canceled the release of its touch-enabled Firefox browser for Windows 8 and 8.1, blaming the operating system and its Metro mode.

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