Ex-Microsoft employee arrested, accused of stealing Windows RT, product activation secrets

2014-Mar-20 | Tags: rumor

Windows on ARMComputerworld - A former Microsoft employee accused Wednesday of leaking Windows RT updates and software that validates product key codes faces federal criminal charges of stealing trade secrets. Alex Kibkalo, identified on his LinkedIn profile as director of product management at Beverly, Mass.-based 5nine Software, was arrested yesterday, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which first reported on the charges.

While he worked at Microsoft, Kibkalo allegedly leaked pre-release software updates for Windows RT, the tablet-specific operating system, to a French blogger in July and August 2012, months before its official release. The FBI, which was called into the case after a Microsoft investigation, also alleged that Kibkalo provided the same blogger with the Activation Server SDK (software development kit), internal-only code to create the activation systems which validate product keys, Microsoft's primary anti-piracy technology.

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