6 reasons why Windows RT is the real future of Windows

2014-Mar-07 | Tags: analysis

Windows on ARMThe standard fare of tech industry pundits just don't get it when it comes to Windows RT. They lambasted it when it came out in 2012 (in some ways, rightfully so). They doubted Microsoft would release a Surface 2 variant, and Redmond did just that. And they continue to beat the anti-RT drum loud and clear, using RT device sales figures as their proof of a pending death notice.

Perusing Google, you can come across a wild variety of articles that purport to explain why Microsoft needs to ditch RT altogether. Chris Neiger penned one such piece, and even John Martellaro of MacObserver.com did his best to argue how foolish Microsoft was for even considering RT a serious contender.

I've always held Windows RT in a slightly different light. Not only have I argued that Windows RT is here to stay for numerous concrete reasons, but I outlined publicly how well RT tablets are working out for clients of mine as traditional x86 replacements...

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