Windows RT Tablets, x86 applications and Windows Server Remote Desktop Services. A better together Microsoft Experience

2014-Feb-17 | Tags: appsenterprisehowtoserversystemx86

Windows on ARMHello, Jeff ‘the dude’ Stokes back with a post to help you fully utilize that BYOD experience. That of course would be the Windows Surface RT and Windows Surface 2 tablets. They have a place and that place is Modern Apps. But what about legacy x86 apps you say? You can run those too via RemoteApp, and as Montell Jordan would say…this is how we do it.

How does one enable a mobile workforce with affordable devices and simple to construct backend environments, one might ask? This post is a primer, a guide for a proof of concept, a tantalizing tale of tranquil steps aka a guide for you to set this up in a test lab. So read and learn as the dude guides you through this step by step. A lab we will build, a proof of concept Remote Desktop Services node, with Remote Applications. If you don’t have a Windows RT Tablet, fear not, you can reproduce the steps in a Windows 8.1 VM as well.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT