Microsoft Releasing Windows Phone 8.1 Around June/August, “Developer” Preview Will Arrive Earlier

2014-Feb-16 | Tags: developmentphone

Windows on ARMBad news for Windows Phone users, as new info on the release of the next major update for Microsoft's mobile operating system has just emerged and things are not looking as good as we originally thought.

WMPoweruser reports the folks over at WPBar, a reliable source of leaks regarding Windows Phone, claim Microsoft plans to release the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade for general public around June / August.

While the update will be officially announced in early April, Windows Phone users will not be able to upgrade to 8.1 for at least another two months.

Although “Developer” Preview will be available for download earlier than June, which means developers who own an App Studio account will be able to upgrade with Windows Phone 8.1 from April.

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