Microsoft retries Windows RT, but does it matter?

2013-Nov-13 | Tags: analysiscriticism

Windows on ARMMicrosoft now has a well-qualified hardware partner, software that’s matured rapidly in the last year, and a complete set of Office functionality -- but is Windows RT even relevant?

Just shy of a year after releasing the Surface RT tablet, you would be forgiven for thinking Windows RT had largely been abandoned. However, Microsoft and Nokia, which will soon be part of the software giant, have redoubled efforts around Windows RT, creating a tablet-friendly version of Windows 8 designed to run on ARM processors.

Nokia recently announced the Lumina 2520, a long-promised tablet that shares many of the features of the Surface, including detachable keyboard options and the Windows RT OS. On Microsoft’s part, after a few hiccups, the company released an updated version of its OS, which I recently installed on my personal Surface RT tablet...

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT