Microsoft to Windows RT 8.1 preview users: Come and get Outlook 2013 for Windows RT

2013-Nov-01 | Tags: 81appsoffice

Windows on ARMI didn't realize that the version of Outlook 2013 RT that came bundled with the RTM version of Windows 8.1 RT was still officially a preview release. Update: Actually, this seems NOT to be the case. I've asked Microsoft if yesterday's blog post is just a reposting of a past entry. It looks as if Outlook 2013 RT already had RTM'd as I thought originally. Stay tuned for Microsoft's official response.

Microsoft officials re-announced they've made the RTM version of Microsoft's Outlook mail client ported to Windows RT available in the Windows Store for download for free on October 31. (Note: Microsoft's wording of this post made it appear to me and others that those running Windows 8.1 RT RTM bits didn't yet have the final version of Outlook 2013 RT. However, this seems to just be a case of confusing wording. Sorry for the confusion, readers.)

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