Microsoft: Windows RT 8.1 fix still in the works

2013-Oct-21 | Tags: surface-2surface-rtupdate

Windows on ARMSummary: Microsoft officials say a fix to Window RT 8.1 is still in the works two days after the company pulled the operating system update from the Windows Store. Updating issues are affecting Surface RT owners only, Microsoft says.

Two days after pulling its Windows RT 8.1 from the Windows Store, seemingly due to installation issues, Microsoft is still working to fix glitches in update to the Windows RT operating system and make it again downloadable from the Windows Store.

Microsoft made commercially available both Windows RT 8.1 (for ARM-based systems) and Windows 8.1 (for Intel-based ones) starting October 17. Microsoft made it so some users who already had the Core and Pro Windows 8 on their devices could get the update for free by downloading it from the Windows Store.

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