Why aren't you using Windows RT?

2013-Sep-12 | Tags: criticism

Windows on ARMThroughout the year, I wanted to find out a very simple question: why you aren't using the things you're not using. It is a simple question, yes, but it's a question that can elicit so many different, varying answers that I find it incredibly interesting. That's why I wanted to ask all of you.

I didn't want to just know why one mobile operating system was "the best," or why another may take that title. I wanted to know why you didn't use a certain platform. Why you chose to skip it and go with something else.

I expected there to be a wide array of answers for each platform, and sure enough, those who replied had all sorts of reasons why they didn't use a certain OS. Some people didn't like the company behind the mobile operating system, while others thought a certain OS was simply missing too many features. Others didn't like the lack of updates, and others pointed to a lack of apps for their inability to make the switch.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT