Microsoft Windows RT DOA: Dell is paying for Ballmer’s sins

2013-Aug-20 | Tags: businesscriticismdell

Windows on ARMMicrosoft, in hedging its tablets bets between the Windows RT it believed people readily wanted and the Windows 8 it believed it could get them to accept, doomed both Surface tablet lines to failure. That reality became apparent this week at it cut the price of the Pro by $100 after having cut the RT price earlier.

But the whole thing has dissolved into a farce and is threatening to leave Microsoft DOA, in proverbial alphabet soup speak. And it’s even worse for Dell, a company fighting for its very existence while also trying to hawk Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets at even deeper price cuts.

The tablet market is thriving for standard tablets like the iPad and the various Android tablets which resemble it in functionality, but Microsoft felt it had a better approach: offer an overpowering tablet which also has full PC functionality built into it. The message: the iPad isn’t powerful enough, so upgrade to the Surface Pro.

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