Windows Phone or Windows RT?

2013-Jul-28 | Tags: phoneversus

Windows on ARMPeople think I “hate” Windows RT because I’ve been critical of the platform. Truth is, it’s simply not there yet, and almost a year later, the Metro content ecosystem has not evolved enough to take on the iPad or Android. But Microsoft already has a mobile platform with a thriving ecosystem. It’s called Windows Phone, and I think it makes a far better choice for general purpose tablets than does Windows RT.

That could change, obviously. But today, it’s no contest.

There are different ways of making this comparison. I’d point out, for example, that Windows Phone already sports native a Facebook app, while Windows RT does not. That the native Twitter apps on Windows Phone is far nicer, and better optimized for the targeted devices than is the one for Windows RT. That the amazing selection of games, Xbox LIVE and otherwise, on Windows Phone simply blows away what’s happening on Windows RT...

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