Windows RT 8.1 preview: all the additions you'd expect, but no desktop removal

2013-Jun-27 | Tags: 81usage

Windows on ARMWindows RT was largely unmentioned during Microsoft's Build opening keynote on Wednesday, but the company is also releasing a preview version of Windows RT 8.1 this week. Designed to update ARM-based tablets to the same features that Windows 8.1 provides, there's little difference between the two. I got the chance to run Windows RT 8.1 on a Surface RT and see exactly what Microsoft has improved.

First things first, the desktop mode remains. Despite not being able to install and run traditional desktop applications, the desktop mode in Windows RT 8.1 is still present and includes the Start button just like its x86 counterpart. It's not that surprising given Microsoft's stance with Windows RT, but it's clear the company is continuing to develop both operating systems alongside each other.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT