Yes, Windows RT Has a Role to Play in the Future of Windows

2013-May-05 | Tags: aceranalysis

Windows on ARMLike many people, I’ve openly questioned Microsoft’s decision to make and sell Windows RT, an ARM-based version of Windows 8 that sacrifices backwards compatibility while embracing today’s key mobile platform. But a recent flub by tech bloggers triggered an understanding of the very vital role that Windows RT should play in the future of Windows. And it’s a need that RT, quite simply, isn’t fulfilling today.

Yesterday, the Engadget blog briefly set tech enthusiasts into a tizzy when it reported—incorrectly, as it turns out—that Acer would this month release a $169 Windows 8-based tablet. This purported tablet would feature a 9.7-inch IPS display, further pushing the bounds of credibility. Tipped off to this (literally) incredible news via Twitter, I started hunting for information.

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