Intel And Microsoft Speed Up Windows RT's Death

2013-May-05 | Tags: businessintelversus

WinDjView for Windows RTI have been an ultra, uber, perma-bear on Windows RT. Windows RT is quite literally Windows 8 but with fewer features, but ships on devices that have no cost advantage over Windows 8 equivalents. See, if I could go out an buy a 7" Windows RT tablet for $200, then sure, that makes sense.

But the problem is that ARM (ARMH) based chips aren't any cheaper than the Intel (INTC) Atom chips, and Windows 8 costs Microsoft (MSFT) no more to produce and sell than Windows RT. In fact, if anything, they're robbing themselves of a potential "Office" purchase by selling RT. Anyway, it looks like Windows RT is on its way to the morgue, especially with some of the latest developments that we've been seeing.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT