Run Full Windows Programs on Windows RT, and Other Bits and Bobs

2013-May-03 | Tags: appscompatibilityx86

Windows on ARMChris Mills - So you’ve got a Windows RT tablet of some description cos hey, they’re cheap, and pretty handy for a lot of things. But there’s a few things missing from Windows RT — namely the ability to run even basic x86 programs, or Flash on non-whitelisted websites. We’re here to change that, showing you how to run full Windows programs on Windows RT, among other things.

Flash on Non-Whitelisted Websites

This one’s actually pretty easy, requiring nothing more than Notepad and a bit of Ctrl+F magic.

- Launch the desktop version of Internet Explorer. Press “Alt”, then go Tools >> Compatibility View Options, and uncheck the bottom box, the one that says “Update compatibility list” or similar.
- Open Explorer, and go to C:\Windows\Users\[youruser]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData (you might need to go View, and check Hidden Items).
- Right-click, and open the “iecompatdata” file with Notepad.
- Do a Ctrl+F on “Flash” — you should get two tags, <Flash> and </Flash>. In between there, you’ll notice lots of site names, sandwiched between <domain> and </domain>. Just do the same for your site of choice, delete browsing history in IE Metro, and Bob’s your Copter-playing uncle.

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