Who wants Windows RT? No one.

2013-May-02 | Tags: analysisbusinesscriticism

Windows on ARMDespite a massive marketing campaign for the Microsoft Surface, RT-based tablets have been a bust, with a measly 0.4% market share. So says the latest report from IDC. How long will Microsoft keep propping up this ill-begotten operating system?

The latest report about tablet sales from IDC is rosy for Android and Apple. Overall tablet sales are booming, with total shipments for the first quarter of 2013 of 49.2 million units, a stunning increase of 142.4% compared to a year previous.

Android was the big winner, with 27.8 million tablets shipped, for a 56.5% market share, a whopping increase of 247.5% compared to a year previous. iOS was impressive as well, with 19.5 million tablets shipped, and 39.6% market share, an increase of 65.3%.

Windows tablets still have minimal market share, at 1.6 million units and 3.3% market share, an increase of 700% compared to a year previous.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT