Dell Speaks on Windows RT. Why?

2013-Apr-16 | Tags: analysisdesktop

Windows on ARMWhile the jury is still out on Windows 8, the verdict on its ARM-based sibling has been decidedly negative: Most feel that Microsoft should simply abandon the fledgling OS and focus on the more compatible and powerful mainstream Windows product. But this week, Dell voiced support for Windows RT, raising some interesting questions. Is this just a close Microsoft partner falling in line, or does Windows RT really have a future?

Microsoft last month came out in defense of Windows RT, using language that suggested, to me at least, that Microsoft sees the product as a long-term play, not something that makes sense for most people today. That happens to be my view as well, though I’m iffy on the future because it requires a lot of assumptions to come true as well: The ecosystem needs to grow, especially on the app side, removing the reliance on the desktop applications that don’t run on Windows RT and never will.

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