Microsoft is not giving up on Windows RT, despite what the rumors may be saying

2013-Mar-29 | Tags: businessrumor

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has not released any official sales number for either Surface device, but it is fair to assume they're selling moderately well. Bloomberg reported that 400,000 Surface Pros had sold, along with 1.1 million Surface RTs, a drop in the ocean compared to Apple's 7+ million iPad sales in the same period. Despite favourable reviews from technology websites, including Neowin, Microsoft may still be disappointed with the sales figures.

But they will not give up, according to CNET. Sources who are familiar with Microsoft's plans for the Surface RT insist that it is part of a longer strategy for Microsoft. With Windows Blue, some were predicting that Microsoft may kill off the RT in favour of the Pro, which is the more useful of the two tablets as it supports the millions and millions of Windows-based apps that require an Intel CPU. DigiTimes had previously reported that Microsoft were set to "merge" their Windows Blue technology with the RT; CNET says that's currently the case with Windows 8 (Note: DigiTimes have a very poor track record with rumours).

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