Troubleshooting Windows RT Client Software Distribution Issues

2013-Mar-14 | Tags: enterprisehowtosystem

Windows on ARMThe recent Wave-D release of the Windows Intune service and the release of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 enables enterprise management of the Windows RT devices for customers using the Intune standalone management service or System Center Configuration Manager who have obtained a Windows Intune subscription for the management of mobile devices.

Management capabilities specifically for Windows RT devices include features such as enrollment, registration, hardware inventory collection, compliance settings and software distribution.

This post contains the steps which you, as an IT administrator, can perform to troubleshoot and investigate software distribution (download and install) issues on the Windows RT client.


The user is able to enroll the Windows RT device to be managed by the Windows Intune Service on behalf of a Windows Intune Standalone or (Configuration Manager) SP1 account using the Company Apps control panel applet and by using their user credentials.

The user has installed the Company Apps Windows 8 style application from the Windows Store and is able to sign in into the application using their valid credentials which they used to enroll.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT