Is Windows RT confusing consumers? Maybe it’s all in the name (opinion)

2013-Mar-14 | Tags: opinion

Windows on ARMOver the past few weeks many tech reviewers and market analysts have called on Microsoft to abandon its Windows RT operating system. Now, they have a powerful ally. International Data Corporation (IDC), a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, has said that two Windows operating systems is confusing to consumers, and urges Microsoft to put its efforts behind Windows 8.

Tom Mainelli, IDC's research director for tablets, said Microsoft's decision to direct its marketing toward both operating systems as being tablet-ready has not worked. "Two OS's for tablets has resulted in confusion on the consumer side," said Mainelli. "Microsoft has had a difficult time spelling out why consumers would choose Windows RT over iOS or Android." And I would add, over Windows 8!

When Microsoft released the Surface RT tablet last October, many tech reviewers immediately panned its operating system, Windows RT, for not allowing the tablet to run Windows legacy software, or download Windows desktop-style applications like Photoshop, or Quicken...

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