Hacking Windows RT Journal: Part 1

2013-Mar-04 | Tags: hackerjailbreak

Windows on ARMA month ago, I wrote about why I'm sticking with the Surface RT over the Surface Pro (see here for previous article). Today I'm going to reiterate that stance and show you why Windows RT is an even more powerful operating system than we give it credit for, and is a solid investment for anyone. After all, at its core, Windows RT is still Windows. It operates and functions exactly like Windows 8 does. Welcome to Part 1 of our hacking journals and tutorial.

It's nothing new that Windows RT has been 'jailbroken,' developers over at XDA did this quite a while ago, and it unlocked a whole slew of new possibilities for us, more on that later. Basically this jailbreak will allow us to run apps on our Windows RT devices that are not in the Windows Store, and more importantly, desktop apps. I haven't released this information, because with any development, it is best to wait until the hack has matured (and that there is some useful apps to do it for, more on that later) and the development community has grown around it. The best part about this is Microsoft is not overreacting, unlike Apple, and has not moved to block the jailbreak yet, and has even praised it.

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