Surface RT and Windows RT: does the overseas market hold the key to their success? (opinion)

2013-Mar-02 | Tags: businesscriticismsurface-rt

Windows on ARMThe Surface RT tablet and the Windows RT operating system created quite a stir when they were released last October, but the wait-and-see approach some PC manufacturers have taken towards the Windows RT operating system, and the rise of the Surface RT's big brother, the Surface Windows 8 Pro, might be a real threat to their survival in the US.

n February, Microsoft announced that it would be selling the Surface RT tablet in 13 new markets; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland with more countries to be announced at a later date.

Now, five months after its October 2012 release, Microsoft Japan President Yasuyuki Higuchi announced during a media event in Tokyo, that the Surface RT tablet will reach store shelves in Japan by March 15th. "Finally, the Surface RT will debut in Japan... many customers and our partners have asked me when the Surface RT will come in Japan," Higuchi said.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT