You Can Now Run x86 Legacy Windows Apps On Surface / Windows RT

2013-Feb-22 | Tags: appshackervirtualx86

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's Surface RT is a thing of beauty, and that comes from personal experience. The tablet is solidly built, with amazing externals and powerful hardware inside. The display on the Surface RT tablet, too, is stellar, and puts to shame many in the competing arena. That said, the only proper limitation that comes packaged with the tablet, is its inherent ability to run only ARM applications.

In other words, you can forget all your legacy x86 apps and remain stuck with only those that Microsoft has approved, and is selling through, the Windows Store. This restriction is not limited only to the Surface RT tablet, either; all Windows RT tablets suffer the same dilemma, and for those users that are looking for an alternative solution, the choice lies in opting for either the much-pricier Surface Pro, or any other Windows 8 Pro-based tablet.

The beauty of a platform as popular as Windows – even if it's the RT version – is the fact that there's a huge developer community out there to ensure that your experience remains smooth and friendly, not to mention as feature rich as possible. The lack of ability to run legacy x86 apps on Windows RT has been frowned upon by quite a few as a huge limitation of the OS itself, but thanks to the XDA-Developers community, this may not be the case much longer...

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT