Hack Enables x86 Applications to Run on Windows RT

2013-Feb-19 | Tags: compatibilityhackervirtualx86

Windows on ARMA Windows RT jailbreak solution is already available for those who want to run unsigned apps on their tablet, but here's one utility that does a lot more than that. Basically, the new app released by XDA developer mamaich enables users to run full x86 Windows applications on RT tablets, without the need to recompile the code or to make any modification.

Currently available as a beta version, the application packs an installer and a GUI launcher, so it's pretty easy for any user category to launch a desktop program.

At this moment, it supports 32-bit software exclusively and it's not compatible with drivers, .NET apps, Win16 or DOS programs.

The software developer says he has already tested his tool with a number of apps, including WinRAR, 3D Pinball and Heroes of Might and Magic 3, but it seems like it actually supports a lot more programs. Future versions will allow users to launch all versions of Age of Empires, Command and Conquer and uTorrent.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT