Microsoft, The Web Is No Longer Good Enough; Windows RT Needs Apps And Fast

2013-Feb-04 | Tags: opinionusage

Windows on ARMI loathe using some websites. Twitter and Facebook are horrific on the web when compared to their iOS/Android apps. I simply refuse to use Zillow's website; I'll wait until my kids are done with the iPad to look for our new place. The same is true for Tumblr and other sites. The mobile first strategy is in full force and Microsoft needs to hop on board.

With Windows 8, Microsoft is forcefully pushing the PC into the post-PC era. It's a touch first interface with the Desktop mode allowing for a more traditional Windows experience. But if Windows is to succeed, apps need to be the top priority and as a user of the Surface RT, it's clear Microsoft does not agree.

I've been using the Surface RT a lot more recently. I want to like it. I want to have it in my life. I'm a Windows guy and I just wish I had a companion device like the Surface to supplement my desktop. When traveling, I use a MacBook Pro and iPad. They're a wonderful pair, but so far, I've yet to find the same sort of synergy with the Surface RT and Windows 8 desktop mainly because of the lack of compelling apps outside of Microsoft's ecosystem.

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