Email for Windows RT: Help is on the way

2013-Jan-28 | Tags: appscompatibilityusage

Windows on ARMSummary: If you're disappointed by Microsoft's Windows 8 Mail app, help could soon be on the way in the shape of a Windows Store version of TouchDown, the popular mobile mail app.

Microsoft's default Windows Store email client for Windows 8 is pretty basic. It's slowly gaining features, but it's no match for the email clients we've grown used to over the years.

That's not a problem for Windows 8 on the desktop, where it quickly becomes a secondary tool for sharing email from other Windows Store apps, and most email ends up being handled by Outlook or Exchange, or whatever you were using before you upgraded.

Unfortunately for Windows RT that's not the case: we're stuck using the Mail app and left comparing it unfavourably to the mail clients on our smartphones and pining for the desktop mail clients of old. There are rumours of an Outlook RT under development, but no timescale for it appearing on our slates.

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