A look at Internet Explorer 10 on Windows RT

2013-Jan-21 | Tags: appsreview

Windows on ARMUntil now, I've concentrated on features of the Windows Surface RT that ease the transition from desktop Windows 7 to the new Windows 8. These include Office; the desktop; programs like Internet Explorer, NotePad, and Paint; and the Ease of Access features. Now that I've had the Surface for over a month, it's time to look at the new Windows 8 apps that I use regularly. Let's start with the new Start screen browser.

IE10 is fast, standards compliant, and the only browser I need. It exists in two versions: one on the Start screen and one on the desktop. The desktop version is very familiar if you've used IE9, but the Start screen IE10 has become my preferred browser. I use it on my Surface and my Windows 8 desktop PC, and I like the fast and simplified UI.

The first thing you notice is the lack of any chrome. The screen is filled with the web page, with no space taken up by UI elements.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT