7Zip and other desktop apps being ported to Windows RT due to jailbreak, ARM app store in the works

2013-Jan-13 | Tags: appscompatibilitydevelopmenthackerjailbreak

Windows on ARMJust recently, we learned about a way to run non-Windows Store apps on a Windows RT device via a circumvention method that requires tinkering with the portion of the RAM that instructs Windows RT on whether it should run unsigned code or signed code.

A jailbreak tool was also recently released which is based upon the circumvention method discovered recently. The jailbreak tool is simply a batch file that does most of the work for you so you can run unsigned apps, but will need to be re-applied every time the system is rebooted.

Now, we are learning that popular desktop apps such as 7Zip, Putty, TightVNC, and Notepad++ have already been "ported" over to work on Windows RT, thanks to this circumvention method. As you can see from the screenshot at the top of this post, 7Zip was recompiled and now works perfectly on Windows RT and you can use the desktop application to its fullest...

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT