20 Seconds to jailbreak Windows RT

2013-Jan-13 | Tags: hackerjailbreak

Windows on ARMThanks to a new tool, it takes only 20 seconds to jailbreak Windows RT. In other Microsoft news: Samsung says no to making a Windows RT device. Teens say Apple is done, Surface and Galaxy are cool. Former Microsoft executives launch online shop for sex toys.

There's not a whole lot you can do in half of a minute, but thanks to XDA Developers "netham45," you can run a new tool and jailbreak Microsoft Surface in 20 seconds.

Microsoft's reaction to the first, more complicated Windows RT jailbreak attempt was pretty cool since the company said it wasn't a security vulnerability and even applauded the ingenuity of hackers. Now Netham45 automated the jailbreaking process with a batch file released as RT Jailbreak Tool Version 1 that is "an all-in-one program to jailbreak Windows RT tablets using the method recently released by clrokr."

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