Windows RT: Bug not a bug?

2013-Jan-13 | Tags: systemusage

Windows on ARMComputerworld - Microsoft and a respected researcher disagreed this week about whether a bug in Windows RT is actually a security vulnerability that should be patched.

The bug, revealed Jan. 5 by a hacker known as "clrokr," can be used to bypass a restriction in Windows RT that prevents its "desktop" mode from running anything but select, Microsoft-made software. By changing a byte in the Windows RT kernel, said clrokr, Windows RT users could install standard Windows applications -- assuming they had been recompiled for the OS's ARM processor -- and run them on the desktop.

By default, only Microsoft's Office RT, a scaled-down version of Office 2013; Internet Explorer 10 (IE10); the File Explorer file manager; and several other utilities created by the Redmond, Wash. developer, are allowed on the Windows RT desktop.

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