Windows RT Gets Jailbroken to Run Desktop Windows Applications

2013-Jan-07 | Tags: appscompatibilitydevelopmenthackerhowtojailbreaksystem

Windows on ARMEven though Microsoft has said so many times that Windows RT is the best way to enjoy the new Windows 8 features on a tablet, many have criticized the operating system for not supporting legacy Windows apps.

The reason was pretty much obvious: since it was developed for ARM devices, Windows RT could only handle ARM-optimized processes.

A post on the Surfsec blog, however, reveals a way to jailbreak the Windows RT operating system in order to run unsigned desktop applications on Windows RT.

This means that users who successfully get past Microsoft's limitation could launch traditional Windows apps on a Surface RT or on any other tablet using the new operating system.

The blog post claims that "banning traditional desktop applications was not a technical one, but a bad marketing decision" and that "Windows RT needs the Win32 ecosystem to strengthen its position as a productivity tool."

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