Media Players Compatible With Windows RT

2013-Jan-02 | Tags: appscompatibilityusage

Windows on ARMIf you are planing to buy a Windows RT laptop and you are worried about the flaw that it is not loaded with an in built media player like the other Windows OS then dont worry MachineHappy has brought you the complete package of  media-players for Windows RT just a click away from you.

Multimedia 8 - The new Windows RT devices are loaded with the Multimedia 8 software which will solve your biggest problem of playing media files. Windows have tried to come up with something new and tried to make the user experience more convenient and better. The Multimedia 8 comes with the feature of opening not only your songs and videos but also acts as your image viewer. So it acts completely like your multimedia tool kit where you don't have to use different tools for all your multimedia files. All your multimedia related operations can be carried out at a single place. Thus making your user experience using all multimedia files easy,better and faster.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT