Softpedia Interview: Toyota Racing Development on Windows 8 and Surface RT

2012-Dec-26 | Tags: developmentsurface-rt

Windows on ARMTRD officially released the so-called Trackside app a few days ago, proving everybody that Microsoft's Surface RT, the company's first tablet in history, could be used for quite a wide array of tasks.

The new application can greatly improve car performance because it allows drivers and engineers to analyze the collected data easier than ever before. The project is still in testing phase at this point, but the app will go live for the first time in February at Daytona.

To get a better view on Windows 8's role in this new project, we've talked to Darren Jones, group lead of software development for Toyota Racing Development, and Steve Wickham, VP of chassis operations for Toyota Racing Development, as both of them have been involved in the creation of the Trackside app.

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