Rubicon: Porting to Windows RT only made us £52

2012-Dec-10 | Tags: businessdevelopment

Windows on ARM"If other developers get this treatment, that store is going to look mighty bleak for a long time to come" - Paul Johnson, of UK developer Rubicon, has slammed the Windows RT marketplace after a port of his well received game Great Big War Game made just £52 from the platform in its first week on sale.

Johnson estimates the port to have cost the company somewhere in the region of £10,000.

Writing in a blog post on the developer's site, Johnson expressed extreme frustration at the lack of support he felt he received from Microsoft, making it clear that not only does he recommend other devs steer clear of RT, but that Rubicon will never be producing a game for a Microsoft platform again.

"A week after release we have made the princely sum of £52 in sales," he writes. "That's not a typo. And despite this, and the fact that GBWG is one of only several halfway decent launch titles, Microsoft have confirmed they will not give us any promotional features or help us with visibility in any way.

"If you're familiar with their new store, this means our app is forever consigned to the garbage bin, presumably earning us less than £52 a week in future. Even if that rate is sustained, it will take just under two years before we recoup the salary paid to the guy who did the port."

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