Adapting responsive design to Windows RT snapped view

2012-Dec-07 | Tags: development

Windows on ARMThe modern world have large amount of different form-factors of devices. It is a bad way to ignore this fact. All true web sites should adapt their layout depend on screen of current device. To solve this problem you can use responsive layout approach. Responsive layout allows you adapt your markup for current screen resolution and size.

The bad news is IE for Windows RT ignores standard media-queries for responsive layout. Actually, IE doesn't switch to condensed view when web site is snapped.

This article will help you to solve this issue.

Responsive layout

The main idea of responsive layout is using fluid blocks and switch CSS-styles for different resolutions. To switch CSS-styles for different screen resolutions we can use CSS media-queries.

CSS media-queries work with width of body element. So we can define styles which will be applied when width of body element as specified in selector:

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT