Could we see Android apps run on Surface and Windows RT?

2012-Dec-04 | Tags: androidappscompatibility

Windows on ARMWay back in January, BlueStacks announced that it would launch an app player that will allow Windows 8 PCs to run all of the hundreds of thousands of apps made for Google's Android OS. Later, BlueStacks announced a deal with AMD that would add BlueStacks support for AMD-based Windows 8 computers.

But what about tablets, such as Microsoft's own Surface, that are currently running on the ARM-based Windows RT operating system? It seems like BlueStacks is at least thinking about bringing its Android app emulator to that OS as well.

In an answer to a question posed by a person on the BlueStacks support forum, a rep for the company said, "We are considering offering BlueStacks for Windows R/T next year."

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT