Windows RT, not Windows 8, is Microsoft's tablet future

2012-Dec-03 | Tags: analysistabletversusx86

Windows on ARMAt Microsoft's shareholder meeting last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, "Sometimes getting innovation right across hardware and software is difficult unless you do both of them." He's right, of course – innovative software is set up by equally innovative hardware.

Microsoft exemplified this when it released Surface RT a little more than a month ago. The tablet itself had unique features (such as its kickstand and optional keyboard covers), and the new Modern UI interface is drastically different from the interfaces of iOS and Android.

That's why it's so perplexing that Microsoft is relying on a tablet strategy that's anything but innovative.

Windows 8's biggest selling point when compared to Windows RT is the fact that it runs software from previous versions of Windows. For desktops and laptops, this is vital. But for tablets, it's another matter entirely – there's nothing innovative about shoehorning old software into new hardware.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT