How to enable and configure Group Policy setting in Windows RT

2012-Dec-02 | Tags: enterprisehowtosystem

Windows on ARMAlong with the recent release of Windows 8 Microsoft also released Windows RT which is pretty much Windows 8 designed to operate on ARM based processors. For consumers the most obvious difference of this OS is the lack of ability to run legacy software. In enterprises however the biggest missing feature is that this OS is not joinable to a domain and thus cannot be configured using Group Policy.

HOWEVER.... It is still possible with a very minor configuration changes to enable a Windows RT device to be configured via Local Group Policy.

To begin with, you might remember my blog post What's changed with the Group Policy Client Service in Windows 8 where I explain that the Group Policy service will shutdown after a period of 10 minutes when not in use. Well, with Windows RT there are no Local Group Policy settings configured out of the box so by default the Group Policy Client service is as always disabled. Therefore before we configure the local group policy on a Windows RT device we first need to enable the local group policy service which you can get into via the Computer Management option from the system menu (See image below).

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT