Analysis: Windows RT struggles to win admirers

2012-Nov-28 | Tags: analysisbusinessversusx86

Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that sales of the company's much-hyped Surface tablet had been "modest", it did little more than raise a few eyebrows. Then, a few days later, the chief of the company's Windows division, Steven Sinofsky, resigned.

It's difficult to know whether Microsoft's Windows 8 ecosystem is really meeting expectations within the company, but what's becoming increasingly apparent is how haphazardly the RT platform fits into that vision.

As software developers try to get to grips with the two incompatible environments – one for Intel x86 and the other for ARM – it seems that the differences may hamstring Windows RT more than originally anticipated.

"[Windows RT] is a new stack that's come out of the Windows division. In many ways it's similar to the .NET framework and platforms, but there are some nuances," said Microsoft cloud partner Aditi's chief technology officer, Wade Wegner.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT