Windows 8 Architecture Wars, Part 1: Clover Trail vs. ARM

2012-Nov-21 | Tags: compatibilityintelsystemversusx86

Windows on ARMFolks, we're standing on the edge of a cliff. Behind us is the comfortable confines of the PC world of old, desktops and laptops in all their familiar guises. But ahead, we see the blue sky and uncertainty of an amazing range of Windows PC and device types, with varying architectures and capabilities. It's a future of amazing possibility, but it's also confusing.

Since this is the SuperSite for Windows, and the motto here has always been "the future of Windows ... today," I'm going to leap right off that cliff. In doing so, I'm going to compare two very new PC architectures, the ARM based Windows RT and the Intel SoC (system on a chip) Atom "Clover Trail" running Windows 8. And just for the heck of it, I'll toss in a third entry, a very old-school Intel Core i5, also running Windows 8.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT