Windows RT vs Win 8app development requires specific integration, says Microsoft partner

2012-Nov-14 | Tags: analysisdevelopmentversusx86

Windows on ARMGetting to grips with Windows RT's development environments, and converting full-strength Windows 8 apps down to its cut-down RT partner is "nuanced" work that requires "quite a lot [developers] will need to "implement specifically," Microsoft cloud partner Aditi's CTO Wade Wegner has told Computing.

Speaking at Aditi Technologies' GoCloud 8 conference in London today, Wegner described Windows RT as "a new stack that's come out of the Windows division, and in many ways it's similar to the .net framework and platforms, but there are some nuances," said Wegner.

"I was taking an old app that I'd built for WPF [Windows Presentation Foundation] and moving it into RT," said Wegner, "and I found that some of the things for, for example, painting stacking controls didn't exist, and it would throw up exceptions like 'not implemented'."

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT