Microsoft insists Windows RT is enterprise ready

2012-Nov-08 | Tags: enterprise

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has insisted that Windows RT is enterprise ready, claiming that the light version is "very similar" to the full Windows 8 operating system. Speaking at a Windows 8 press event, the vendor said it wanted businesses to embrace the RT version as it offered "additional choice" for enterprises.

The RT version contains Office components such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and comes with a USB port, data encryption, and the ability to side-load apps, according to the vendor.

Microsoft conceded that customers have raised concerns that Windows 7 line of business applications do not run natively on the light operating system. However, it claimed that using its Remote App technology, such apps can run remotely from a datacentre server, while still offering the same experience as if it were run locally.

Despite the vendor's attempts to encourage RT uptake in enterprises, Andy Trish, managing director of NCI Technologies, said that until Microsoft can make the RT version join domains, he is not interested.

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