Surface RT gets crushed in Peacekeeper browser benchmark

2012-Nov-07 | Tags: benchmarkcriticismsurface-rtversus

Windows on ARMWhile Internet Explorer 10 may be a big improvement in performance compared to previous versions of Microsoft's web browser, that may not be case when it comes to IE10 running on Microsoft's Windows RT version of Surface.

Peacekeeper, a web browser performance benchmarking tool provided by Futuremark, has posted up some recent results from many tablet and mobile phone devices, including the Surface. The results show that the Surface has a score of 348, which is well behind many other popular tablets and mobile phones.

At the top of the list is the new fourth generation iPad from Apple, which got a 951 score on Peacekeeper, followed by the iPhone 5 in second. Even the Acer Iconia W500 tablet, running on Windows 8, had a browser performance score that beat that of the Surface, although it was still well behind that of the iPad and iPhone.

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